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PVC Coated Iron Wire

PVC Wire is manufactured with quality iron wire as material. It is manufactured by having the metal wires firmly covered with PVC plastics which can protect the metal wire from corrosion. PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires, as it is relatively low in cost, resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties.

Features : It has anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized wires. It is relatively low in cost, beautiful and firm, wear-resistant, crack-resistant, and it possesses good insulating properties.

Technical Information:
Core: Black wire, Electro Galvanized or Hot dipped galvanized wire.
Color :Dark/light green, dark/light blue, white, black, yellow, etc.
PVC coated rate: 0.4mm-1.0mm
Different roll diameters are available (22cm, 30cm,55cm, 65cm)
Packing: 5KGS - 500KGS/COIL
Customer's request is available.

Application: The most popular use for PVC coated wire is in the construction of chain link fences for industrial security fences, freeways and tennis courts. It is also used in other applications such as coat hangers and handles.


Core diameter and After coating Core diameter and After coating
0.8mm / 1.2mm 0.9mm /1.3mm
1.0mm / 1.4mm 1.2mm / 1.8mm
1.4mm / 2.0mm 1.6mm / 2.2mm
1.8mm / 2.5mm 1.9mm / 2.9mm
2.0mm / 3.0mm 2.2mm / 3.2mm
2.5mm / 3.5mm 2.8mm / 3.8mm
3.0mm / 4.0mm 3.2mm / 4.2mm
1. Lined with PVC strips and wrapped with PVC or hessian cloth
2. Small coils of 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, and so on 3. Others available as per buyers' request.
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