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Cotton Bale Tie Wire

Cotton bale tie wire is also named quick link bale ties. Our Cotton bale tie wire is manufactured using high tensile wire. Quick link reduces your overall installed cost on your baling procedure with its quick link tying method.

Material: Galvanized High Strength Steel Wire.
Surface: Galvanized (hot-dip or electro). 
Tensile Strength: 1400 - 1700 N/mm2 or as per client request.
Diameter: 2.00mm to 4.00mm.
Bale ties length 2.1meters to 4.5meters. 
Breaking Load at loop: 975 to 1050kg mini.
Package: within lengthwise bundles. Well wrapped and protected. 100pcs/Bundle, 22Tons/20ft container.
Uses: Quick link bale ties for packaging all types of expanding fibrous material cotton, synthetic fiber, wool, waste, etc. It is suitable for hand tying and automated systems.

How to use the cotton bale ties?

First step: Press quicklink around bale, place wire ends A and B together.

Second step: snap ends A and B together.

Third step: pull the wire loops to form a figure 8.

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